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Tianzige calligraphy generator is a magic tool for junior students to practice calligraphy,Totally included9574A common Chinese character!
This system can generate Tian Zi Ge and Mi Zi Ge on lineIt's completely free。Tian Zi Ge is the most concise exercise case, which is used as a way of displaying new words in the Chinese textbooks for the lower grades of primary schools. Primary school period, especially the lower grade stage, is the key period of learning Chinese character writing. Using this system to generate Tian Zi Ge calligraphy, let the lower grade pupils gradually standardize the writing of Chinese characters, develop the correct writing habits of Chinese characters, and lay a solid foundation for the future Chinese learning and Chinese character writing.
Check the background picture when printing!Can print out the form!Do not operate, please read the tutorial at the bottom of the page!

Please input the Chinese character you want to generate:

Field type: Tian Zi Ge       Mi Zi Ge      
Tagging color: green       black       red
Text color: green       black       red
Red background: Very deep       deep       Deeper       Slightly shallow       moderate       Very shallow      
Stroke order remaining fill: yes       no
custom header:
be careful:Please read the following carefully

1. In order to ensure the printing effect, it is recommended to use Microsoft edge browser and Google browser with the font in italics,Print settings check print background picture;
2. If you want to generate a document, you can use a pdf printer to print it as a PDF file. It is recommended to use pdffactory Pro 64 bit virtual printer for virtual printing.


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